KSD Wrapped in text, the years 2022/2023 written underneath. and two laptops either side of the years with the Kingston and Sutton Council logos in each

KSD Wrapped 2022/2023

Have you seen the Spotify wrapped that pops up at the end of the year with everyone’s music stats and you get to judge people on their music tastes, well I thought we could have one of those but Digital and IT style!!  

I now introduce Kingston and Sutton Digital Wrapped 2022/23:

This year we have:

Launched a Research Hub

Launched the Research knowledge hub so staff can have access to user research and have the tools to conduct their own.  (We have a blog post about this you can read)

New Maps

Migrated Kingston’s GIS to StatMap, a job well done.

Launched a whole new website

New Sutton website launched January 2022 (outside the financial year but still a big deal):  after a lot of research, meetings, building of things, the new website was launched, we have had some hiccups since but overall a BIG success. 

Relaunched the blog

We launched this very blog, and have made some cracking post but more is definitely to come this year!! 2023 will do big things. Follow us so you don’t miss out.

Content Audit

We did a content audit of the whole of the Sutton website, which was a big task but one done very well. A blog post should be coming on that soon!!!! Here are some snippets. 

  • 2412 pages improved 
  • 582 pages removed 
  • 92% readability (up from 57% when we started)
  • 96% readability on top 100 pages
  • All pages have assigned owner

Legacy Migration project

Have made a lot of progress 

  • Created and enhanced integration layer for Council Tax, Highways, Planning
  • Built & launched a Corporate Warning app for both boroughs
  • 82 processes migrated off Dynamics between September 2021 and September 2022

A lot more was achieved by the great digital and IT team we have, and if i was to add them all you would be reading for a while. We have done some great work this year and made improvements to many services and more importantly to user experience, and we can continue to make these changes as the world of digital it always changing.

We have some great things coming up and launching very soon, which we can share with you. If you have any questions or queries let us know we are happy to chat. Follow us on twitter as well as, we will be providing little snippets over there as well.

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