A laptop and a phone with the research hub page open on the screen

Introducing the Research Hub

A tool to explore how we do user research One of the Research Team’s main goals is to provide staff with the tools and resources needed to conduct great quality user research. To achieve our goal, we developed a ‘Research Hub’ — a collection of user research resources, case studies and guides. The Hub encourages the re-use of materials and simplifies the research process to … Continue reading Introducing the Research Hub

a computer with the words from digital novice to digital nerd on the screen

From a Digital Novice to a Digital Nerd

When I found out I’d be working in digital, I would be lying if I said I was confident I was going to enjoy it, because I had no real idea what it was going to involve. I’ve always been uncertain about what I’ve wanted to do. For A levels I was interested in Maths and Economics, then eventually studied Law at university, after changing … Continue reading From a Digital Novice to a Digital Nerd

Winter Digital Interactions

We thought it would be interesting to show you how many digital interactions we have had from our online services. Starting small with our website numbers (Kingston.gov..uk and Sutton.gov.uk) and building from there, because well it’s a lot of counting. So drum roll please……presenting our digital interactions from the cold cold winter months (December, January, February and March 2022): Kingston: 749,636 total views Desktop 325,637 … Continue reading Winter Digital Interactions

Using first click testing to validate website designs

What’s the problem?  The Sutton website team has been testing concepts for updates to the council website. The challenge is deciding which design is the most effective to take into a beta testing phase. One of the methods we’re using to validate effectiveness is a first-click test. This is an activity that captures where on a web page a user first clicks or taps when … Continue reading Using first click testing to validate website designs

Weeknote #2 (16 July 2021)

Here’s what we’ve got for you this week: Chris and Trish talk about automation of councillor enquiries David reflects on how we can make sure we make the right improvements and we also share a list of things we’ve read lately. Every little automation helps councillor enquiries Chris, Digital Innovations LeadTrish, Business Partner We’re working with the Customer Care teams across Sutton and Kingston to … Continue reading Weeknote #2 (16 July 2021)

Weeknote #1 (2 July 2021)

Hello world! Here at Kingston and Sutton’s shared digital service we’ve set ourselves an ambition to talk more about the work we’re doing publically. You know: make things open, it makes things better. And in local government there are hundreds of organisations we can learn from and share with. Inspired by the weeknotes from Digital Dorset, MHCLG’s Local Digital team, Lingjing Yin’s new weeknotes from … Continue reading Weeknote #1 (2 July 2021)